About Krama Yoga

‘Krama’ is a Sanskrit word that can mean succession or sequence and when applied to the yoga practice, intentional order or a step-by-step progression. It is this systematic, ancient approach through which our experienced teachers share the history, philosophy and physical practice of yoga.

We take the authentic teachings of yoga and combine them with a strong āsana practice. You will experience classes that challenge you both physically and mentally. Your body will reap the abundant rewards of your practice, but just as vitally, Krama Yoga will educate your heart, soul and mind and change your life in ways both magnificent and monumental.

Your experience, shape, size, gender, background, bendiness or lack thereof, are not barriers to beginning. You’ll discover a warm, welcoming and diverse community of like-minded enthusiasts eager to embrace the practice of yoga. Whether you’ve never seen yourself as the yoga type, are new to Krama Yoga, or a seasoned yogi with years of practice behind you, our classes will keep you engaged, motivated, and inspired, and help you live large and purposefully. 

We love our space, and you will too. Krama Yoga occupies an old school building right in the heart of Newtown. There is a practice room, waiting area, two toilets and a shower. We have an open reception area with plenty of seats, filtered water, mat storage and free, high quality prop hire for you to enjoy as a part of the complete Krama Yoga experience.