Yoga Classes For Beginners In Sydney

If you have never practiced yoga before, it can often be overwhelming to find what yoga classes for beginners are best suited to you. We believe our beginners’ course is the best beginners yoga course in Sydney as our experienced teachers guide you through the theory and practice of yoga.

Beginners Yoga in Sydney

The beginners’ course runs over 4 weeks and focuses on two main elements of yoga for beginners. The first element is to get your body back into working order with hopes to increase flexibility, strength and range of motion whilst reducing tension in the shoulders and lower back (some of the most common ailments of the modern human).

The second element is to get you started on your yoga journey by learning the names of the postures (āsana) as well as modifications. Combining these elements together is essential in creating the foundation to experience the true benefits of yoga not only on the mat but in everyday life.

This yoga is for beginners

There is absolutely no experience required to enroll in the beginners’ course. It is designed for those who have never practiced yoga before, for those who are returning to yoga after having a break and for those who would like to learn more about the names of postures, breathing exercises and practical stretching techniques.

Regardless of where you are at in your journey, it is encouraged to keep an open mind and a willingness to explore the new and unknown in these yoga classes for beginners. The starting point of any transformation is the right attitude.

Get in quick!

Our  beginners yoga course in Sydney has strictly limited numbers to ensure the teacher can give each student plenty of individualised attention and ensure there’s enough space for everyone in the studio to be comfortable to practice yoga. After completing these yoga classes for beginners, you will receive a special offer to continue practicing yoga unlimited at a discounted rate.


Is Krama Yoga’s Beginners Yoga Class right for me?

The beginner yoga classes at Krama Yoga are suitable if you are new to yoga and prefer having a structure to build a strong foundation for your practice right from the very beginning. Each week, you will gradually progress through sequences guided by our qualified and experienced teachers.

Why does Krama Yoga offer the best Beginners Yoga Class in Sydney?

Unlike other beginner yoga classes in Sydney, Krama Yoga offers a unique and authentic yoga experience that teaches its students the foundational elements of yoga to extend their practice beyond the mat. In the beginners’ course, you will not only increase your flexibility, strength and range of motion, but learn the names of the postures (āsana), modifications, and understand the meaning behind commonly heard yogic terminology such as om, shanti and namaste. 

Which yoga is best for beginners?

If you have never tried yoga before, the best place to start would be the beginners’ course at Krama Yoga. If you are interested in extending your practice beyond these yoga classes for beginners, the Krama I classes would also be suitable. Krama I classes continue to build the foundational aspects of your yoga practice as you learn simple chanting, yogic breathing techniques and experience the taste of vinyāsa style yoga.

Do I need yoga experience to take Krama Yoga’s Beginners Yoga Class?

There is absolutely no experience required to enrol in the beginners’ course – you don’t even need a yoga mat! Krama Yoga has all the equipment and tools you will need for your practice.