Back in April we graduated our first ever Krama Sādhanā Teacher Training. There were 11 curious, dedicated and passionate students of yoga who are now teachers. We covered lots of practicals, how to assist postures, ideas around philosophy, psychology and what it means to be a yoga teacher. For me the standout is the amount of time we all could spend together. To carve out 10 consecutive days from your life, from work, family, friends and everything else isn’t easy but the reward and the environment created of having everyone committed together is something special.

I am one of those people (hopefully not the annoying kind) who truly loves their job and what they do. I am obsessed with yoga. In all its history, traditions, practices, techniques, methods, its paradoxes and it’s straightforwardness. It seems to be something that is only increasing as the years go on. I have been teaching yoga since I was 18 years old and this year I am teaching more than I ever have. So far this year I have taught a yoga class almost everyday.  Like all work, especially when its combining physical effort and mental engagement it’s tiring but when you are driven by passion and curiosity, the reward far outweighs any risk – like the commitment to a 10 day teacher training.

Sometimes I like to set new commitments and see if I can follow them through – trying to maintain a daily streak on Duolingo and work on my German (nicht gut) or taking 20mins of rest everyday, seeing if I can sit in the infrared sauna for more than 30mins at a time or trying to cook an actual meal at home (my most challenging thing to do!). Some of them are personal challenges and are driven by trying to better myself in learning new things or investing in healthy habits and some are driven by exploring what is outside my comfort zone (cooking, not resting!) but either way all of them require a commitment of time and energy.

After every single class that I teach I like to express two pieces of gratitude. I say thank you for your time and effort. To me, these two are the most valuable things that we can give someone or direct towards something and when students are willing to give their time and effort towards their yoga practice, furthering themselves and perhaps exploring new ways of thinking, movement and philosophies then I want to make sure I am thanking them.

Some don’t need to be thanked, as the benefit from the practice is thanks enough but honouring time and effort is worthwhile. This weekend we begin our Krama Yoga Teacher Training. It is so in-depth its going to take 14 weekends to get it all done + a 5 day retreat and homework (not even a lockdown is going to stop us – just delay us). We’re going to cover everything possible to be a well-rounded yoga teacher, knowledgable and compassionate, smart and practical. Sandy and I have been working non-stop for over 12 years to collaborate and bring this training to life – we can’t wait! If you are interested and going ‘all the way’ in then please reach out for an information pack for trainings in 2022.

People often ask me what they can do if they want to deepen their practice but are not up for a teacher training – the best thing to do is to commit to your practice. This is always easier said than done, especially when yoga schools are closed and being close together is not suggested. So perhaps being at home there is a new way to stay committed. We have online classes everyday which are recorded so you can practice them the next day, we are always available after class for questions and to share ideas too. As the weather is cooling down, try to heat up your practice from the inside out!

See you for class soon,