I remember the concept of going to a yoga class came to me quite randomly – I really wanted to try hot yoga. I didn’t know anyone who did it or why I wanted to try but I just had an urge. So I found a local hot yoga studio near my house and after the first class I was hooked. I can’t exactly remember what my first class was like but I remember the continued feeling of endorphins I had after every class, feeling like my whole body had been rinsed out, stretched, I could breathe deeper and my energy felt like it had shifted – in a good way.

I can see and feel those same effects in everyone who comes to practice here at Krama Yoga. It’s a subtle thing to notice, from when you first walk up the stairs, to when you leave, something has changed. Things feel different. Sometimes you look more relaxed or subdued and other times it looks as though a weight has been lifted and you bounce out of class, on a high. This is what I love about yoga and what made me fall in love with it. It encourages change within yourself both subtle and monumental, and can give you insight about the areas you need to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually. This also meant that for me the practice was a space of healing. After any big changes or emotional upheaval in my life, I came to the mat. Learning how to breath through the discomfort in physical postures, translated to breathing through challenging situations or stages in life.

Within the last few years I became completely immersed in my practice which led me to completing my first yoga teacher training. The first week of teacher training blew me away. I had no idea of the depth, intricacies, wisdom and knowledge that was wrapped up in this word “Yoga” and its practices. Whilst all of this knowledge was unfamiliar and occasionally overwhelming, it also felt like a light bulb moment. That these concepts and tools for growth, development and enlightenment already reside beneath the surface, and that learning about them is a gradual unfurling of knowledge.

My relationship with yoga only continues to deepen, especially since I started teaching at the beginning of the year. It’s another big lesson in learning to push past the awkwardness and vulnerability that comes with standing in front of a group of people, trying to communicate and do justice to a practice which has done so much for me. Yet gently nudging myself over the edge of discomfort has only continued to be a rewarding experience for me.

Whether it’s trying your first yoga class, attempting a new posture for the first time, going to a teacher training or teaching your first class, any point in your yoga journey is going to include coming to your learning edge. A challenge that pushes you out of your comfort zone, where you know it mightn’t feel good the first few times. But eventually, with persistence and the ability to breathe through the discomfort, the gratification that comes with learning something new and seeing progress, makes it all worth it.

Emily Pont