The infrared sauna experience is like no other.

Scheduling in this style of self-care with physical and mental benefits is fabulous for those who find it difficult to stop, to wind down, to rest. It feels productive without necessarily being so. I have been going regularly to the Krama yoga infrared sauna since they opened, and I can confidently say it has positively impacted me in a few different ways.

The most obvious one is that my sleep is deeper, more restful, and longer. This is a game changer for a notoriously sensitive sleeper! If this is you, I really encourage you to give the sauna a go. Going in the evening is the ultimate wind-down – accompanied with the red LED light and some sauna style legs up the wall. Spending time in this heated room nourishes yourself in a way that is different to the classic things we do that are good for us – such as exercise or eating your greens.

The time spent in the sauna offers another level of relaxation, stress-release, and rejuvenation hard to find elsewhere.

Jaclyn Cave – Naturopath

Hälsa Health