Krama Yoga Teacher Training

This is it. Over 14 weekend modules and a weekday retreat. Our aim is to offer the most comprehensive, in-depth and enjoyable teacher training in Sydney.

Weekends from 9am-5pm

July – October 2021

$6,000 – save $200 if paid in full before April 25th, 2021

Weekend 1 – July 3rd and 4th / Weekend 2 – July 10th and 11th

Weekend 3 – July 17th and 18th / Weekend 4 – July 24th and 25th

Weekend 5 – July 31st and August 1st / Weekday retreat – August 9th – 13th

Weekend 6 – August 14th and 15th / Weekend 7 – August 21st and 22nd

Weekend 8 – August 28th and 29th / Weekend 9 – September 4th and 5th

Weekend 10 – September 11th and 12th / Weekend 11 – September 25th and 26th

Weekend 12 – October 2nd and 3rd / Weekend 13 – October 9th and 10th

Weekend 14 – October 16th and 17th


At Krama Yoga we understand the power of yoga to help you not just survive but thrive as you evolve and grow throughout your life. More than just exercise, we teach yoga as a way of living in which you become aware of the impact you have in the world, and empowers you to become an agent of change for both yourself and others. 

This is the philosophy that sits at centre of our practice. The word Krama in Sanskrit can mean “sequence” and when in the yoga practice implies intentional order, or practicing in a way that is mindful and aware. 

The training has been crafted with a specific progression. You will learn how to teach everyone, from beginners to intermediate and advanced. Over 5 months of in-depth study you will explore the history and philosophy of yoga, combined with the right knowledge of sequencing classes that incorporates anatomy and physiology as well as assists to develop and teach your own classes with confidence and creativity.

Over the duration of the training, we will educate and inspire each trainee with all the foundational knowledge you need to start teaching. The course is taught by Doug and Sandy who have each been teaching (Jivamukti) yoga in Sydney full-time for over 11 years, and whose knowledge of the practice goes far beyond the physical.

As there are many Teacher Training programs in Sydney (and beyond) it can be hard to decide on the right one.

Due to the length and depth of our training it will not be for everyone. Our training calls for those who have a desire to become a yoga teacher, those who embrace change and have the curiosity to look deeper into themselves and the world in which they live.


  • Unique, purposely designed training manual, which serves as a journal, resource book and reference tool for future yoga studies.
  • Hard to find textbooks and resource material 
from ancient traditions and academic professionals.
  • Personalised physiotherapy assessment session by an experienced physiotherapist. 

  • One month unlimited class pass at Krama Yoga 

  • Massage lotion and china gel 

  • 3 x infrared sauna vists at Krama Yoga 

  • 4 nights accommodation and catering on the retreat at Wisemans Ferry, Darkinjung Country 



  • Daily āsana practice of specific sequences for the Krama Yoga teacher training 
including the education of posture sequencing and class creations.
  • Daily meditation practice exploring different traditions and techniques and how to teach meditation. 

  • Daily mantra study and chanting practice including harmonium lessons and incorporating voice, sound and music into a class.
  • Group teaching practice to give the experience of teaching a real class, including feedback. 

  • Hands-on-assists workshops to learn the art of assisting in class and the energetics, safety and structure of why and how assisting can be beneficial.
  • Anatomy for yoga, injury prevention and adaptability including modifications for students from all walks of life .
  • Sanskrit study, pronunciation and writing in traditional script to keep the rich history and lineage of yoga alive. 

  • Learn to understand the various Yoga philosophies & scripture and how to incorporate them into your life (and your classes).
  • Daily Prānāyāma practice and breathwork workshops including learning the subtle anatomy and the different yoga energy systems
  • Rest and relaxation in relation to yoga
  • How to navigate the business of teaching yoga
  • Daily and weekly reflections and intention setting to guide and inspire throughout the training
  • A dedicated online discussion group for communicating with each other and asking questions


  • The content of the training has been carefully put together (in a sequence) so that there is enough time to learn and practice the art of yoga teaching. 

  • Each trainee receives a one of a kind training manual that also serves as a journal, guide book and reference tool. 

  • Sandy and Doug are present every day for all sessions of the training and are available for questions and feedback. 

  • Hands on assists will be covered in depth, drawing from over two decades of extensive knowledge and teaching insights. 

  • Each trainee will have the experience of teaching a full class before and after the end of the course. 

  • Upon completion of the training graduates can teach paid classes on the schedule at Krama Yoga. 

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