Yoga First Time Tips For Beginners

If you haven’t practiced yoga before, or you and your yoga mat have been taking a break from each other, we offer you the warmest of welcomes and recommend you enrol in our beginners course, attending each week of the 4-week curriculum. Book into the next beginners course here.

For those are familiar with a downward facing dog, we recommend you take up our Introductory Offer and join us in our Krama 1 classes, where we share the Krama Yoga method and style of class delivery with you. To dig a little deeper and discover more about each class, visit our class types page.

Before your first class.

Visit our class types page and if you have any questions, our friendly team is just an email away.

Plan to get to class early, so you don’t arrive stressed and sweaty (the sweating comes later). Once the class has started you won’t be able to join if you are late. We’d hate for you to miss out… and the late fee you might incur to (see our terms and conditions for more). 

Try not to eat before class, as bending and balancing is tricky when you’re full. Hydrate beforehand and try to avoid drinking water during the class. If you have your own mat, bring that too, and a small towel because, as promised, you are guaranteed to sweat in the vinyasa classes. 

What you’ll need.

Your curiosity has brought you here, which means you already possess the most important qualities – an open mind and a willingness to explore the new and unknown. The starting point of any transformation is the right attitude. 

If you have a mat, by all means, bring your own, or use one of ours at no extra charge. Pack a towel, or rent one from us, because for many classes sweating is a certainty, and you may also want to shower after class.

We practice barefoot, so please leave your shoes in the reception area, and have your phone switched off.