Krama Yoga Sydney Online Shop

Sometimes finding the right yoga accessories can be difficult, time consuming and in the end a waste of money. Here at Krama Yoga our yoga shop in Sydney has a selection of the highest quality yoga equipment in Australia. Sourced over years of experience with different brands and products we can confidently say our yoga equipment and accessories online can be purchased knowing that you are buying from a small business that devotes themselves to yoga.

Shopping for Yoga Accessories

When shopping for yoga accessories or yoga equipment online it is reassuring to know that the Krama Yoga shop Sydney stocks products and yoga accessories that are ethically sourced, locally made (where possible), plastic free and vegan.

We feel it is important to take the ethics of yoga such as compassion, community and environmental awareness whilst incorporating them into our yoga shop in Sydney. You don’t have to just shop for our yoga accessories online, you can visit us in person and shop directly from our boutique, try on some yoga clothing and even ask us about any questions you have regarding yoga accessories or yoga equipment.

Yoga Equipment Australia

With the yoga equipment australia market being saturated with cheaply made products that don’t last and are of a lesser quality you can be guaranteed that at the krama yoga shop sydney our products last a long time (unless it’s our beautiful burning incense) because they are of the highest quality and are manufactured by yoga practitioners for yoga practitioners.



What type of Yoga Equipment & Accessories does Krama Yoga offer in Sydney?

We have bespoke candles from Etikette and incense from Incausa and our very own limited edition Krama Yoga T-Shirts which we also sell as part of our yoga accessories online. Our yoga mats are from Jade Yoga and the yoga bags, belts, blankets and bolsters can be purchased as yoga equipment online and can be posted anywhere in the world, or picked up from our yoga shop sydney.

Why should I shop Yoga Equipment & Accessories with Krama Yoga?

Our yoga equipment and yoga accessories are of a high quality that are made, sourced and designed for yoga. All of our products, yoga accessories and yoga equipment are tried and tested and made for yoga. We have done the hard work of sourcing our products so that you don’t have to worry and can focus on your yoga practice, meditation and community. Purchases of our yoga accessories online can be shipped anywhere in the world or picked up in person at our boutique yoga shop in Sydney.