Quite often this is a question we are asked here at Krama Yoga and more often than not the answer comes back to one brand; Yogitown and the woman behind it, Val. Get to know Val a little more below.

Tell us what is Yogitown and how did it all come about? A history lesson for those that are new..

Yogitown is an ethical clothing label and sewing studio. We create designs that are inspired by yogic philosophy. I started printing T-shirts to give as an offering to my teachers, without having in mind where it would take me. This all became a bit more serious after coming back from yoga teacher training in India back in 2016. This life-changing experience fuelled my ideas and encouraged me to blend my two passions: yoga and clothing. This is when the brand was actually born but since I graduated from fashion design In Chile I had been searching for a meaningful inspiration that will bring purpose to my work, so when I found Jivamukti Yoga I felt at home and realised this is how I can express my creativity. Over the years business has grown organically and the support and encouragement of lots of people, they keep asking me for designs and requesting their own garments or artwork to be made.

What is the vision of Yogitown and where do you see the brand headed beyond 2021?

Lately, I have been asked this a few times and I enjoy reflecting on where to place my intentions. I would like to present our designs to more people and show the world what Yogitown is about. A personal vision would be working with a team of people that align with the ethics of the brand and a dream of growing Yogitown to the point that it can provide work for others and be a source of income to like-minded people would be awesome.

Do you have a target audience of customers? Who are you hoping to inspire?

We hope to inspire everyone who comes across our designs, that the graphics make them reflect and cause meaningful conversations about yoga scriptures, mantras or climate change. Our audience is mainly yoga practitioners and vegans, but really, anyone who is interested in the study of the Self.

Colour and design are obviously important to you, what inspires this in your work?

I think this is how my ancestral custom shows up. Being born in Chile, my colourful South American culture is within me.

Looking back, what has been the most rewarding work you have been a part of so far?

Every work is rewarding in a different way – designing the cover of a book and screen printing merchandise for vegan activists doing outreach on the street have both been really rewarding.

If someone is nervous about starting their own brand what two tips would you give them to get started?

Just do it! and forget about all the small details and excuses that we create in our mind that stop us from doing what we really want to be doing. Don’t focus on how far you are from where you want to be, instead focus on what you do every day to get closer to that place. The worst that can happen is that you never try. For more encouragement read the Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Finish this sentence: I am looking forward to most in life is….

to see all animals – human and non-humans – living in harmony.

For more information about Yogitown check them out at https://www.yogitown.guru/