Level 1 Teacher Training:

Krama Sādhanā

DATES 2024
Weekend 1 – May 4th and 5th / Weekend 2 – May 11th and 12th

Weekend 3 – May 18th and 19th / Weekend 4 – May 25th and 26th

Weekend 5 – June 1st and 2nd

9:30am – 5:30pm over 5 consecutive weekends


$2,100 – payment plans available

Save $300 if paid in full by March 1st, 2024


At Krama Yoga we understand the power of yoga to help you not just survive but thrive as you evolve and grow throughout your life. More than just exercise, we teach yoga as a way of living in which you become aware of the impact you have in the world, and empowers you to become an agent of change for both yourself and others. 

This is the philosophy that sits at centre of our practice. The word Krama in Sanskrit can mean “sequence” and when in the yoga practice implies intentional order, or practicing in a way that is mindful and aware. Sādhanā can mean ‘disciplined’ or ‘dedicated’ and gives us structure for the 10 day training and committing to a regular practice.

This deliberate approach to our practice forms the basis of our Level 1 Teaching Training, which has been crafted with a specific progression to take you from where you are now to yoga teacher in 10 days. Whether you’re taking your first step on your yoga-teaching path, or to dive deeper into the education and learning more about yoga or even as an enhancement of your current qualification, we are excited to guide you.

Over the course of the 10 rewarding days, we will teach you all the foundational knowledge you will need to start teaching on your own.

The course is created and taught by Krama Yoga director Doug Whittaker who has been teaching yoga in Sydney full-time for over 15 years, and whose knowledge of the practice goes far beyond the physical.

What is the Level 1 Training?

The Krama Sādhanā set sequence is a one hour yoga class incorporating meditation, chanting and prānāyāma with a well-rounded āsana sequence that not only moves the body in all directions but keeps the practictioner engaged in the present moment by connection of movement and breath. This set sequence forms the basis of the Level 1 Training and throughout the 10 days you will be taught not only the sequence and postures but also yogic philosophy, history, assists and plenty more.

The Krama Sādhanā set sequence is unique to Krama Yoga and all gradutates from this training will have the opportunity to teach paid classes at the school.


  • Daily āsana practice of the Krama Sādhanā sequence 
  • Daily meditation practice 
  • Daily mantra and chanting practice 
  • Group teaching practice everyday 
  • Hands-on-assists practicals and workshops 
  • Basic anatomy, injury prevention and modifications 
  • Sanskrit pronunciation 
  • Introduction to Yoga philosophy & scripture 
  • Prānāyāma practicals and breathwork 
  • Restorative yoga sessions 
  • Business of teaching yoga 
  • Daily reflections and intention setting 


  • We are not interested in mass producing yoga teachers or creating a training environment where you are just another number in the room. We beleive in quality over quantity which is why our trainings are limited to small groups and run once every two years.
  • The content of the training has been carefully put together (in a sequence) so that there is enough time to learn and practice the art of yoga teaching while still maintaing other life commitments.
  • Each trainee receives a one-of-a-kind deluxe training manual that also serves as a journal, guide book and reference tool for future studies and teaching tips.
  • Doug is present every day for all sessions of the training and is available for questions and feedback at any time during the course.
  • Hands on assists will be covered in depth, drawing from over a decade of extensive knowledge and teaching insights. 
  • Each trainee will have the experience of teaching a full class before and after the end of the course.
  • We beleive in the quality of our training that upon completion of the training graduates can teach paid classes on the schedule at Krama Yoga to teach real classes to the public.

At Krama Yoga we have designed two seperate trainings that follow a specific progression. The Krama Sādhanā training runs over 10 days. Krama can mean “sequence” in Sanskrit and Sādhanā can mean ‘discipline’. For us this means that the yoga is taught and developed in a mindful and intentional way. You will learn everything from the history and philosophy of yoga, how to develop safe and smart classes, learn about anatomy and physiology and learn how to provide meaningful and helpful physical assists. You will also learn how to teach meditation and prānāyāma, we will practice chanting and learn how to play the harmonium as well as daily sanskrit study, injury management and prevention and so much more.

The two types of training we offer:


If you would like an introduction into a yoga teacher training, check out our Level 1 Krama Sādhanā. This 10 day in-depth yoga teacher training, will take you through the foundational knowledge you will need to start teaching on your own, and have the opportunity to teach the set sequence on our paid, public class schedule. 


If you are in it for the full experience and are committed to becoming a yoga teacher check out the Krama Yoga Teacher Training. It runs over 12 weeks and includes everything you will need to start creating and teaching your own yoga classes. What makes our yoga teaching course unique is that after completion you can teach 4 paid classes on our public schedule to get you straight into your yoga teaching journey. We provide you with all of the education and experience to become an intuitive, thoughtful and safe yoga teacher. 



Commitment in yoga is paramount to learning and embodying the teachings. If you are not available for all dates then we suggest you wait until the next training intake. Dedication to a practice of any kind allows us to fully be present for ourselves as well as others.


Injuries unfortunately happen to all of us. If you are injured but have approval from your doctor and are able to practice a Krama III class with intelligent modifications and enthusiasm, then yes. You will need to inform us of the injury in your application and all admissions are at our discretion.


Many yoga teacher trainings try to sell themselves by saying that they are ‘yoga alliance approved’ or use the acronym RYT-200 (registered yoga training/teacher). Yoga alliance does nothing to ensure the quality of any training and instead provides guidelines that are not monitered or reflected in what it means to be a yoga teacher. We choose not to be affiliated with yoga alliance and can ensure that in order to teach yoga classes you do not need to be registered with yoga alliance (YA). For more about yoga alliance please read here or feel free to email us and ask.


Yoga alliance created the model of hours based trainings. This is why you see trainings advertised as either 200hr/300hr/500hr etc. We know that studying and practicing yoga is a life-long journey and to consolidate the richness of what yoga is all about into hours will only dilute things further. Over the 12 weeks of this training plus homework and self-study it will give you a solid foundation to begin your yoga teaching journey. For those looking to study yoga and have no interest in teaching then this training will provide you with knowledge and tools to continue your education further.


There is an exam component to the training to make sure that relevant information is retained. Every module of the training must be attended. We are confident that through our hands-on and dedicated approach combined with your commitment to learn you will certainly pass the exam. Failure to pass the exam will require you to re-sit it at an extra fee.


The hardest part about being a newer yoga teacher is finding work or getting the opportunity to teach in yoga studios. We know what this is like and how it can be disheartening and an obstacle of the journey to being a better yoga teacher. To help with this (and because we beleive in our training) we offer all graduates of the training the opportuntiy to teach paid classes on the schedule at Krama Yoga.

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