Krama Sādhanā Teacher Training

April 2 – 11, 2021
8am – 5pm daily
$2,400 – pay in full by March 1st and save $200


At Krama Yoga we understand the power of yoga to help you not just survive but thrive as you evolve and grow throughout your life. More than just exercise, we teach yoga as a way of living in which you become aware of the impact you have in the world, and empowers you to become an agent of change for both yourself and others. 

This is the philosophy that sits at centre of our practice. The word Krama in Sanskrit can mean “sequence” and when in the yoga practice implies intentional order, or practicing in a way that is mindful and aware. Sādhanā can mean ‘disciplined’ or ‘dedicated’ and gives us structure for the 10 day training and committing to a regular practice.

This deliberate approach to our practice forms the basis of our Krama Sādhanā Teaching Training, which has been crafted with a specific progression to take you from where you are now to yoga teacher in 10 days. Whether you’re taking your first step on your yoga-teaching path, or as an enhancement of your current qualification, we are excited to guide you.

Over the course of 10 intensive but rewarding days, we will teach you all the foundational knowledge you will need to start teaching on your own.

The course is created and taught by Doug and Sandy who have each been teaching (Jivamukti) yoga in Sydney full-time for over 10 years, and whose knowledge of the practice goes far beyond the physical.

Yoga Teacher Training Sydney

The Krama Sādhanā set sequence is a one hour yoga class incorporating meditation, chanting and prānāyāma with a well-rounded āsana sequence that not only moves the body in all directions but keeps the practictioner engaged in the present moment by connection of movement and breath.

The Krama Sādhanā set sequence is unique to Krama Yoga and all gradutates from this training will have the opportunity to teach paid classes at the school.


  • Daily āsana practice of the Krama Sādhanā sequence 

  • Daily meditation practice 

  • Daily mantra and chanting practice 

  • Group teaching practice everyday 

  • Hands-on-assists practicals and workshops 

  • Basic Anatomy, injury prevention and modifications 

  • Sanskrit pronunciation 

  • Introduction to Yoga philosophy & scripture 

  • Prānāyāma practicals and breathwork 

  • Restorative yoga sessions 

  • Business of teaching yoga 

  • Daily reflections and intention setting 


  • The content of the training has been carefully put together (in a sequence) so that there is enough time to learn and practice the art of yoga teaching. 

  • Each trainee receives a one of a kind training manual that also serves as a journal, guide book and reference tool. 

  • Sandy and Doug are present every day for all sessions of the training and are available for questions and feedback. 

  • Hands on assists will be covered in depth, drawing from over two decades of extensive knowledge and teaching insights. 

  • Each trainee will have the experience of teaching a full class before the end of the course. 

  • Upon completion of the training graduates can teach a paid monthly class on the schedule at Krama Yoga. 

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